Being A Right Sugar Baby for Your Rich Sugar Daddy

Sugar daddies are seeking a mutually beneficial relationship with a sugar baby because they have the money to. If you want to be the right sugar baby for him you have to understand that you’re in that position voluntarily, but you also have to understand how a mutually beneficial relationship works. You don’t have to feel obligated to do certain things, but if you want to find a millionaire match you might have to be open-minded to try new things. Keep in mind this doesn’t necessarily mean sex, but you might have to drop any prior commitments if you have to be the right sugar baby for him.

Do You Have Any Other Sugar Daddies?

Remember that being a sugar baby is a voluntary lifestyle. You can have as many or as few sugar daddies as you want. However, if you’ve find a sugar daddy that is a millionaire match then you might have to drop any existing sugar daddies, especially if they are more financially viable. Keep in mind you might not have to drop other sugar daddies, but why keep a handful on retainers who only pay about two or three thousand a month when you can get one who has millions? If one of their conditions is to drop your other sugar daddies, then you might have to if you want to be the right sugar baby.

Are You Willing To Travel?

Chances are if they’re a million-dollar sugar daddy, they’re going to want a companion with them on their travels. Are you willing to be separated from your friends and family wherever you live in order to continue living this unconventional lifestyle? While you have all the power in choosing who you deal with as far as a sugar daddy and sugar baby relationship is concerned, you have to realize there’s a little more leverage on his end if he is a million-dollar match. If you want to be the right sugar baby for him in that regard, then you might have to be willing to travel if he asks.

Are You Willing To Drop Any Other Obligations?

This one might be the hardest part because you might have other obligations wherever you are. If you have a sugar daddy arrangement that is a million-dollar match, then you might have to relocate to wherever he is. Is the reason you became a sugar baby so you could pay off your school? Are you still in school? You might have to take a few semesters off in order to earn the money to continue your education.

Remember, if you choose to be a sugar baby then you should stay open-minded about what a million-dollar sugar daddy match might ask of you. Just make sure you’re honest with yourself and your limitations when you become a sugar baby. However, you might need to stay open if the opportunity comes about to date a million-dollar sugar daddy.