Flirting Mistakes Sugar Daddies Make on Sugar Daddy Site

Flirting is a conventional practice among humans and sugar daddies can use it to inspire more interest from their sugar babies. However, not all flirting is good flirting. If not done correctly, you may end up destroying your chances even before you make meaningful progress. When looking for sugar baby on a sugar daddy dating site, there are a few flirting mistakes to avoid, otherwise you will struggle to hook up a sugar baby. Here is a brief look at some of them.

Talking about what you can buy all the time
It is common for most people to assume that sugar babies are greedy and only invested in draining as much money from the sugar daddy as possible. This is the wrong perception. Unlike popular assumption, sugar babies require a combination of financial support and companion care. While knowing you can buy them anything can help you charm your way to hook up a sugar baby, it is advisable to slow down on the “I am rich” talk.

Overly sexed compliments aimed at sex on the first date
Another misconception among sugar daddies is that sugar babies will do anything for the money and as a sugar daddy the only benefit is having sex with a younger woman. This is exactly what you get from an escort and while a fine line exists between the two, there certainly exists one. To hook up a sugar daddy does not mean you need to have sex on the first date. You may compliment their attractive physic as women like compliments, but going for the price straightaway may just push your desired sugar baby away.

Telling lies
When looking for a sugar baby, it is easy to get lost in the emotions and begin telling lies just to impress them. If discretion is what you want, then there is no need of coming up with lies. Instead, admit that you are not comfortable giving away certain information. Do not lie about leaving your wife to be with a sugar baby or falsify a wall of college degrees when all you have is a GED.

False promises
Any sugar daddy dating site has a couple of sugar daddies who will say anything just to get a sugar baby to their bed. This includes giving false promises that anyone can tell will never hold. Like telling lies, giving false promises spoils your chance of forging a solid relationship based on care and companionship. You will constantly be looking for your way out and while this may get you what you think you want, you may lose out on a good sugar baby. What’s more, it opens you up for exploitation once your sugar baby knows the promises will not hold. 

As a sugar daddy, it is important to avoid these mistakes and assumptions as they only push your sugar baby further away. Instead, be entertaining and forthright in your conversations to forge natural connection.

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