How to Dress up for the First Sugar Daddy Date


The first sugar daddy date marks the beginning, or in some cases the end, of any potential arrangement dating between a sugar daddy and a sugar baby. This makes it a date of monumental importance since it determines whether there will be a sugar daddy sugar baby relationship. Through this date, sugar daddies and sugar babies know whether they want a sugar daddy dating agreement or not. Sounds like a lot of pressure, right? Actually, it is an opportunity to bring you a game. You get to go out on a wonderful dinner and instantly cross out or find who you are compatible with. Below are some tips to ensure you look good on the first date.

You should approach every sugar daddy date like an interview. Remember that your sugar daddy is a refined, well established older man looking for appealing women. The idea here is to ensure you look sexy enough without looking trashy, that means you should avoid overtly provocative clothing. Actually, the only men who are attracted to slutty are classless men. Daddy loves a woman who makes heads turn without necessarily warranting a stare. You should ooze of class! Nothing beats the disappointment of expecting a classy girl from the sugar daddy website only to end up with a ratchet. The idea here is to keep increasing your value by keeping your goodies under wraps. Pick only your best feature to show off leaving the rest to imagination. Cleavage is good but not necessary. Make sure your clothes are well pressed and fit well. This will give you a polished look. A nice form fitting dress will work just fine. Under no circumstances should you ask your sugar daddy what to wear. This makes you look uncertain. You should come out as a big girl who can make your own decisions.

Accessories can really improve your looks when going out on a date with sugar daddy. Opt for understated jewelry and in most cases, limit yourself to one accessory. Not only does this add to your feminine flair but also it's more than enough to make a statement. You can never go wrong with a nice necklace, watch or scarf. They will compliment your outfit and make you look put together. Keep you make up light and natural. Overdoing your accessories makes you look like you're twelve!

If you are going on a arrangement dating, whether you used a sugar daddy dating site or sugar daddy dating clubs, the first impression will make or break the arrangement. Aim to look yourself best. Couple that with classy behavior and you are sure to land an arrangement.

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