How to Impress A Sugar Daddy on First Date

Sugar daddies are usually busy people and it is often hard to find the right one. On most sugar daddy dating websites there is about 3 – 4 sugar babies for each sugar daddy.  Sure I just made that statistics up but you get the point. In dating females usually have their pick with men doting after them, trying to get their attention but in sugar dating the case is reversed.

So you finally got that date with your desired sugar daddy, how do you impress him in that limited time frame. Whether he is looking at other offers or not. Whether he is a new to sugar baby dating or he is an experienced sugar daddy.

Here are some tips.

DO YOUR HOMEWORK:  it is very important to do some background check on your date. Check him up online but if the only information available to you is through his profile on the sugar dating website use it. The idea is to eliminate red flags and ensure you safety.

Another equally important reason to know as much about him as possible is so as to understand his personality. Knowing his interests among other things can help you decide where and how to steer the conversation. It can also help you plan a greet date.

These will help you decide if you want him as your sugar daddy. Remember to follow your gut.

HAVE AN INPUT ON THE LOCATION: whether you chose the location or not, make sure it is a public place for safety reasons. Conversation is important but so is fun, so instead of a restaurant why don’t you get creative. Your want to be his sugar baby then give him creativity and adventure, something different from his boring day. Take into account both of you when choosing a place.

Prepare for your date: Let someone know where you are going, anyone, friend, relative, colleague or neighbor will do. They don’t have to know the details. You are just trying to make sure they can find you. Have your phone and bring only enough money for transportation and some.

YOUR MINDSET: this may work out or it may not you will never know unless you have a positive mindset. Even if it doesn’t work out, another sugar daddy is probably just a click away.

FIRST IMPRESSIONS ARE IMPORTANT: he is a busy man so you have to seize attention as soon as you can. So dress to impress. Make sure he will remember the first time he saw you. Be classy not slutty, don’t be expensive, cheap or frigid.

MAKE HIM COMFORTABLE: talk to him, be free, don’t complain or nag, make him feel special. Go with the flow and have fun. Laugh, listen, show him you are not just beautiful, but smart too.
Your earlier research can help you hold a conversation. Talk about both of your interest and as questions, this prolongs the conversation. Let him know you.

DON’T ASK FOR ANYTHING YET: remember you are laying the groundwork for a relationship so don’t ask your sugar daddy for anything yet, play the long game. He will surely pay for the date but see your transport fare, and cost of preparation as an investment.

DECIDE: do you want to be his sugar baby, remember he is assessing you too.

LEAVE HIM WANTING MORE: know when to leave, show him enough for him to want you as his sugar baby. He shouldn’t have everything yet so as to maintain his interest. Don’t sleep with him yet.


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