How to Know Your Sugar Daddy Whether He Is Controlling, Violent or Not

Reportedly, there have been quite a number of cases featuring physical abuse and even death inflicted by sugar daddies. A piece of advice to younger women seeking a sugar daddy; always exercise caution by finding out the real character of your partner before making a commitment.

Here are some tale tells signs that exhibit abusive and controlling behavior.

There are two sides to this. You may have found a prince charming who has mustered the art of doing everything to perfection, which is admirable. On the other hand your partner may be the type of person who expects everything around him in perfect order for his image’s sake. This means, everything and everyone has to dance to that tune; which includes you. Such partners keep finding faults in what you do. 

Over Eager to Commit 
If intending to date a sugar daddy, ensure your relationship goes through the blossoming stage. This is the period you learn more about each other’s personalities, tastes and dislikes among others. If you feel that your partner is rushing you through this stage by pressuring you to make a commitment, he is controlling in nature.

Always Justifies His Actions
He never or rarely takes criticism of any kind, and is always coming up with an excuse after another of why he did not do this or that. "Sorry" is a foreign word to him. In some cases he may try turning tables and make you feel guilty for his own mistakes.

Always has to win
There are bound to be arguments in any relationship. However, if he always has to have the upper hand in all your arguments, he is controlling.

Over Jealous Attitude
Partners with an over jealous attitude have a tendency of masking it by making you think that they are just concerned and care about you. For example:

1. He may give you surprise visits with an excuse that they missed you when he is just checking to see who are with or what you are doing.

2. Limits the people you spend time with saying they are not good for you.

3. .Keeps asking where you have been, who you were with and what you were doing claiming he loves to hear all about your day.

Do not make any type of agreement with a sugar daddy exhibiting two or more of these signs, the best thing would be to run for the hills and never look back!


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