My Experience As A Sugar Daddy in Arrangement Relationship

This article is about the experience of a Sugar Daddy in his dating relationship with sugar babies. According to him,sugar daddy dating is a lovely dating relationship if you are fortunate to have a sugar baby with the right character. He said after more than 3 years of divorce from his wife, conventional dating was never an option for him because of the nature of his work.

Being the CEO of a multi-million dollars business enterprise, he was always involved in a lot of travels and meetings which made him not to have time for a woman for a conventional dating relationship but he always felt the need to have someone that would provide the needed emotional support to him. He thought of "why not have someone that I would support financially in exchange for the emotional support? ‘’

This made him sign up on the popular dating site, Sugar Daddy Meet where sugar babies that are seeking rich men can be found. The first sugar baby he got on the dating site was invited for a drink and they discussed at a length and he discovered she was very open. She would sleep with him for money but this was not what he wanted from the relationship because there was no emotional connection between them.

In his dating relationship with the second sugar baby, he found what he really wanted in a Sugar Baby, the emotional connection between them was great. Initially, he was providing her with financial assistance but she told him she was not in the relationship for a monetary benefit but to have a real chemistry-laden relationship with him as her Sugar Daddy but the relationship did not last long because of the age difference between them as people would be thinking he was her father and they had to stop to become only friends.

In his relationship with the third Sugar Baby, he found the relationship to be weird because according to him, he considered her to be very dangerous due to the fact that she lied to him about not having a boyfriend.  Though, he spent a lot of money on her, bought expensive gifts like rings, holiday trips, and tickets. When she got thrown out by her boyfriend, he had to put up an apartment for her with a rent of more than $3500 but he got fed up with the relationship because of her character and asked her in plain term what she really wanted from the relationship which she declined to answer.

According to him, the experience of sugar daddy dating can be great and interesting if you are involved with a sugar baby with the right character and behaviour that will build the right emotional connection with you but some of the sugar Babies are only seeking rich men to date on sugar daddy dating sites because of the monetary benefits they stand to get from them.


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