Pros and Cons of Dating a Sugar Daddy – Online and Offline

Sugar daddy dating is considered the most convenient type of relationship to many. Most ladies will jump at the thought of it because of the benefits it promises. Older men also consider this type of relationship convenient as they get to enjoy the benefits of being in a relationship without necessarily committing themselves to one.

That said, I guess it shouldn’t come as a surprise that this seemingly perfect relationship comes with its own share of pros and cons. Yes, it does. It isn’t all rose and sunshine down here.

Whether you choose to be an online sugar baby or an offline sugar baby, here are some pros and cons you should totally check out.
Pros of Being an Online Sugar Baby

  • You stand lesser chances of being physically assaulted
  • Most online-only sugar babies do not agree to meet. Although it will take luck to find a sugar daddy willing to spend on you without seeing you, you will save yourself a lot of troubles if you eventually find one.

  • Date multiple men
  • Dating more than one man is one of the many perks you enjoy in a sugar dating relationship. However, most sugar babies find it easier to multi-date online as they don’t get to worry about dividing their time among the sugar daddies. It’s online. It can all be scheduled.

  • Better Control
  • As an online-only sugar baby, you tend to enjoy more control in the relationship. Typically, the sugar daddy decides virtually everything in the relationship. Being an online-only sugar baby gives you some sorts of control over the relationship

  • You can quit at anytime
  • Although both forms of sugar dating allow you to quit at any point in time, I believe it is way easier if your relationship is based online only.
    Cons of Being an Online Sugar Baby

  • You still stand some chances of being physically abused
  • I don’t think you are off the hook yet. Unless you find a sugar daddy who is totally understanding, you may have to meet every now and again. Who knows what is in store for you?

  • Sexual Acts are Compulsory
  • So, you won’t have to spend time with your sugar daddy. Sounds awesome right? Well, not so fast. These men want something out of the relationship. You may have to perform some sexual acts such as sending nudes, naked live chats, etc.

  • Emotional Baggage
  • Being an emotional wreck later in life is almost inevitable. You have successfully spent your youth days pleasing older men who share no emotional connection or anything else with you. No wonder most sugar babies lose a sense of themselves and end up with low self-esteem.
    Pros of Being an Offline Sugar Baby

  • You get to travel around the world
  • An all-expense-paid trip around the world! Yes, girl. As an offline sugar baby, there is no restriction in meeting your sugar daddy. With time, he may want to take you on vacation. At no cost on your part.

  • Free shopping
  • Sugar daddies are known to spoil their babies. They are ready to spend heavily on gifts and shopping besides your usual allowance.

  • Dating multiple men
  • While you may not enjoy as much freedom as online-only sugar babies, you can totally date more than one sugar daddy.

  • Easier to catch a pot
  • Offline sugar dating is the most common form of arrangement dating. Most sugar daddies will readily opt for this as they need someone to take care of their physical needs, increasing your chances of landing one sooner than an online-only sugar baby.
    Cons of Being an Offline Sugar Baby

  • You stand a higher chance of being physically abused.
  • You can be replaced at any time in the relationship
  • Less freedom
  • No commitment

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