Qualities of A Good Sugar Daddy

Getting the ideal sugar daddy has become increasingly difficult. This is mostly because many sugar daddy relationships begin from online platforms or referrals. This way only very little is known about the sugar daddy before the relationship starts.

Before you accept to start a relationship with the selected sugar daddy it is essential to do the following;

1. A detailed background check; you must try as much as possible to confirm the personal information of the intended sugar daddy. Some people make up many things for their profile on sugar daddy sites. Ask him a lot of questions and demand proof. For instance, if he says he owns a construction company, request for his business card and probably visit or call in to confirm his claims. If he claims to be married, ask for pictures, but try not to be overly intrusive. You could also go through his other social media profiles to check for discrepancies.

2. Make your expectations clear/know his expectations; the perfect sugar daddy is person-specific. This means that someone perfect for A might be horrible for B. Even if the intended sugar daddy appears perfect and is ideal from popular standards, if he cannot meet your specified expectations, then he is not the best for you. Likewise, if you cannot meet his expectations, he would not try his best into the relationship. So, state your terms clearly and hear his words. If they don’t fit, then he's probably not right for you.

3. The decision is yours to make; once you’ve gone through the process above, make a decision and stick to it. Although the opinions of your friends and family may influence your choice, ensure that the final decision is yours. This is crucial because if you have doubts or seconds thoughts in your sugar relationship, it would be difficult for you to appreciate the efforts of even the best sugar daddies.

The qualities to look out for in a sugar daddy are very much related to your expectations from the relationship. The first of the checklist is :

GOOD COMMUNICATION SKILLS; sugar relationships often need better communication than most other types of relationships. This is because there is a need for free and open dialogue between the parties involved for them to keep up with the dynamics of the relationship. It is also common to have cold conversations since the sugar daddy is always much older and with a higher level of exposure and experience. Therefore, get yourself a sugar daddy that can quickly come up with relevant conversations that are fun, and you can relate with. The perfect sugar daddies would always make sure you do not feel intimidated by then pm, and you are still free to express yourself when you are with them. This leads to friendship. The overall pro of having a sugar daddy that communicates well is that you enjoy every date and every time spent together so that dating him doesn’t feel like a chore.

MENTORSHIP ABILITIES; get you a sugar daddy that inspires you and has a lot to teach you from his wealth of experience. This is one benefit of the relationship that you cannot afford to miss. A good sugar daddy discusses ideas that would benefit you in the long run and is genuinely interested in seeing you achieve your goals and live your dreams.

MATURITY; age is not always a measure of maturity, therefore find a mature sugar daddy. These are the best types; they understand you and accommodate your lapses without being judgemental. Mature sugar daddies have been in marriage relationships before and know a lot an out handling women and their needs. They are also patient with you and will let you decide when to get physically intimate with them. They keep their appointments with you and meet up with their financial commitments. So, get yourself a mature sugar daddy.

To conclude, to reap the full benefits of a sugar arrangement, you should carefully select the best sugar daddy that suits your taste.


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