The Real Problem With Sugar Daddy Dating

Sugar daddy dating seems to be catching on worldwide. Its appeal seem to lie with the fact that both the sugar daddies and sugar babbies get what they want. The older and rich men give the young women a luxurious life, pampering them with allowances, trips and dinners. On the other hand, the sugar babies provide much needed company to the older men and, of course sex.

These young girls might be typical college students, full of dreams and aspirations. They might also be adventurous and thrill-seeking young women. Or, they may simply want to leave their life behind and start anew with rich, older men.

Though not classified as prostitution, the sugar daddy-sugar baby arrangement has problems that might not be easily perceived. Some simply say that there is nothing wrong accompanying an older man for a trip, helping him in shopping and getting paid for doing those things.

The arguments probably are true but one of the problem of young women seeking rich men is that the relationship may never lead to marriage. A young woman may entertain secret thoughts that his sugar daddy will leave his wife for. The truth is, the older man only seeks a companion and nothing more. This may lead to heartbreak on the part of the sugar baby.

Since young women post their profiles online for arrangement dating by websites, the potential of being matched with a psycho man are high. Remember, this is not the normal kind of dating that requires patience to mature into a romantic relationship. You are simply matched with a sugar daddy whose expectations and your own align.

There is lack of commitment and responsibility towards a sugar baby and a sugar daddy. The older man calls the shot as he has the money. He decides if and when he would spend time with his sugar baby. Being mostly married, his responsibility first goes to his wife and children. It is a kind of unhealthy relationship.

A young lady in a relationship with an older man runs the risk of a sexually transmitted infection. The older man is probably more sexually experienced than the young woman and because the woman might be interested more with what she'll get out of the arrangement, she might give in to having unprotected sex.

That said, many sugar daddy dating websites have sprung up offering for young women seeking older men and vice versa. It is now an industry in itself which means it also has real problems.

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