What Does Sugar Baby Mean to You?

The term “sugar baby” is often used interchangeably with “prostitute.” While the two concepts aren’t entirely the same, they both involve some benefit given in exchange for the pleasure of one’s company. Prostitution is dangerous and illegal activity; however, the owners and proponents of sugar dating and sugar daddy websites argue that sugar dating and prostitution are indeed two very different things.

Sugar baby is a term used to describe a young female (usually from about 18 – 25 years of age) who is actively involved in dating older men for the benefits with which they provide her. These benefits are often aimed at achieving financial security or an extravagant experience of life. This is why sugar baby dating is frowned upon by ‘decent’ members of society who believe that dating should not be for the purpose sof gaining any personal benefits.

Contrary to what many people outside the sugar dating industry believe, a sugar baby isn’t only compensated for providing physical intimacy but rather for her youth, beauty, and the pleasure of her company. Sarah-Mae says that her first experience going on a date with a sugar daddy was pretty much like every other date she had been on. “He wined and dined me, and after dinner, e drove me back to campus. He said he had thoroughly enjoyed my company and slipped 5- one hundred dollar bills into my lap.” That definitely sounds like a relationship built on mutual friendship, trust and communication; not simply for purposes of hooking up.

Being a sugar baby can be more complicated than many people realize. The general idea that an attractive lady simply gets handsomely rewarded for her time and other physical benefits she provides is often not the case. Many times, sugar daddies don’t even want to be in a relationship that feels too “easy,” hence they take some time to get to know their sugar baby beforehand, which is pretty much like regular dating. The only difference is that an older man is usually more affluent; hence there are often gifts and a monthly allowance involved. Many sugar daddies are also seeking emotional support; hence it is not uncommon for a sugar daddy arrangement to blossom into a romantic affair.

Even if only for the reasons mentioned above, a sugar baby and a prostitute aren’t the same. Sugar babies are regular females who are often just seeking a way to make progress in life, academics and their dreams. Often, sugar babies find a sugar daddy for the purpose of paying for tuition and avoiding hefty student loans. Arrangement dating doesn’t always involve paying or getting paid for sex. As one sugar daddy put it “when I scroll through my list of potential matches on a sugar daddy website, I carefully vet each candidate physically, conversationally as well as intellectually. Not because I am solely interested in hooking up but because I want something real. When I say real, I do not necessarily mean a serious relationship; rather, I am looking for something that mirrors the passion that comes with traditional dating.”

Finally, the sugar baby lifestyle is one which can free up your time and give you more leverage to chase your dreams and personal aspirations. It is however easy to get caught up in a luxury lifestyle you cannot keep up with, especially as an ageing sugar baby.