What to Do If Your Sugar Daddy Rejects You

Being rejected by a man can be really weird for most, if not all, ladies. As a girl who gets attention from different men, it can be very difficult coping with being rejected by sugar daddies on the sugar daddy site or sugar baby site. Yes, I have been there!

Imagine being the one to start the conversations and having your messages ignored. Annoying, right? I know!

Another form of rejection comes when you are not getting as many men as you would want view your profile.

These have been the discouraging factors for most sugar babies seeking sugar daddy on the arrangement dating site. But, as a sugar baby, you MUST be able to cope with rejection. Manage it! Do not let it discourage you!

There is no way around it. To bea successful sugar baby, you should be able to deal with rejection. It can be so much of a hassle at first but it is something you must learn to put up with.

Another form of rejection comes when your sugar daddy rejects your requirements.

Say, you got a membership with one of the sugar daddy seeking arrangement site with the best reviews and you have a great profile there. As supposed, these rich single men visit your profile and you establish a relationship with some of them.

Now, you have tried to manage all the forms of rejections thrown at you and you have finally got a POT of your own. Great!

Then, you submit your requirements, (as it is advisable that every sugar baby does before settling for a sugar daddy) and he rejects it.

What next? 
As much as these men are wealthy and have just enough money to throw around, they can be ‘selfish’ sometimes. Or you may just have too many requirements than normal.

Whatever the case may be, it is advisable you set clear terms from the beginning. Know what you want and apply our strategies on How to Tell Your Sugar Daddy What You Need.

Do not come across as desperate. Make sure you follow the rules there.

In cases where you did everything right and the potential sugar rejects your requirements still, then it is time to move on to the next.

Learn to cope with every form of rejection. In the world of sugar dating, there is no such thing as ‘a lady doesn’t do this.’

Feminism could as well mean ‘equalism.’ Be bold. Learn to cope with rejection. It is okay to take a minute and re-strategize but there is no giving up, girl.

He rejected your requirements doesn’t mean others will, which is why we advise you not to put all your eggs in one basket.

The moment he rejects your requirements, he is invariably saying he doesn’t want an arrangement with you. So, why waste your time with him?

Move on to the next ‘serious’ sugar daddy. Do not give up the search. The perfect sugar, who would accept your terms is somewhere among the hundreds of men on the sugar baby site. Keep fishing!

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