What You Should Do When Your Sugar Daddy Stops Giving Gifts?

It happens that a perfectly good relationship ends. Sometimes two parties no longer get along; unexpected circumstances like financial issues or sickness stand in the way. The sugar daddy-sugar baby relationship is not always based on a cemented ground. It’s important to understand that people and circumstances can change and especially if the sugar daddy is in an existing marriage.

A sugar baby should decide to save money earlier in the relationship while spending with her sugar daddy. The best advice is to focus on smaller bills which can be paid immediately and avoid creating any expenditure under her name. She should refuse new gifts that require payments. This way she will avoid burdensome gifts that are weighty to the sugar daddy. If she accepts such gifts, she should make sure it’s under the sugar daddy’s name. Since financial burdens are unexpected from the time you pick your partner from a sugar daddy dating site, come up with a plan.

  • Ask for a final payment

Even when your sugar daddy stops giving you any more gifts, it’s okay to ask for one final donation. You can call this a parting gift. Don’t ask for anything else after receiving a final gift.

  • Save what you have like jewelry, money and other items

Since you are not getting any help from your sugar daddy, let the gifts he has bought you overtime to sustain you. Always know the worth of you jewelry. Don’t give him back these items out of anger; they will save your life at some point. 

  • Cease having sex and learn to reduce your affection

Since you don’t have a mutually beneficial relationship, it means the romance is over.

  • Take caution when meeting your ex sugar daddy

Learn to move on and don’t try to play the makeup – break up game and don’t meet him anywhere alone. 

  • Avoid switching roles

Sometime you might find yourself playing the sugar mummy role. Some sugar daddies may only be looking for an opportunity to return their investments.

  • Move on and find a sound financial base

Become financially independent. This way you’ll not have the stress and pressures that come with financial breakups. From the beginning know that sugar daddy sugar baby relationships can end abruptly. Save and invest your money well during the early days of your relationship.

If your sugar daddy sweets talks you and want back the relationship, stand your ground and put up some strict measures. The idea of a sugar daddy, sugar baby relationship should be mutually beneficial to improve both of your lives.


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