When Should You End An Affair With A Sugar Daddy?

sugar daddy arrangement is a great way for both parties to have their desires fulfilled, but like all great things, even it must come to an end sometime. Many sugar daddies live to spoil their sugar baby silly; giving her the finer things of life, and then there are those who aren’t just worth the bother.

It is never advisable to waste precious time (and youth) on the latter category of men, and for this reason, we have compiled a list of red flags in arrangement dating which indicate that it may just be time to move on to the next big thing.

When a Sugar Daddy doesn’t stick to the arrangement
Arrangement dating comes along with its set of rules and boundaries which each party is not expected to cross. One common rule is the agreement upon a stipulated monthly stipend for the sugar baby by both parties. If your sugar daddy doesn’t honor this arrangement by delaying payments or even outrightly skipping them, you have the first sign you need to realise that it is time to cut him off.

If a Sugar Daddy doesn’t respect you
Despite the mutually beneficial foundation upon which a sugar affair is built, it should also be founded upon mutual respect and a set of clearly outlined boundaries.

If you find that your sugar daddy doesn’t respect your values, boundaries, body or personal opinions, you are in an unhealthy relationship. If he crosses a boundary or hurts your feelings, succinctly let him know, and if he still does not pay attention to your concerns, it is time to let him go.

If a Sugar Daddy is abusive
It is easy to get lost in the lavish, larger-than-life image of sugar babies advertised in the media and on the internet; make no mistake though, there are several toxic men masquerading as sugar daddies. Some sugar babies endure this because they do not want the lavish lifestyle their sugar daddy affords them to end; nevertheless, money is never enough reason to stay in a debasing, dehumanizing relationship.

If your sugar daddy verbally abuses you, raises his voice at you at the slightest provocation, enjoys playing maddening mind games on you, or even outrightly hits you, you should walk away and never look back.    

If he is a control freak
A sugar daddy who is a control freak is only a few meters away from an abusive one. This type of sugar daddy wants to know where you’ve been, who you’ve been with, who your friends are, and even what you had for dinner last night! He wants this information, not for the purpose of knowing you better, but rather to allow him keep tabs on you at all times. This kind of man will often pick fights with you about the most trivial things (for example, a girls’ night out), and he is definitely not worth all the emotional stress he brings along with him.

When you are about to begin a serious relationship
It is extremely selfish to drag your lover into a sugar daddy ménage a Trois without their prior knowledge or consent. For this reason, it is important to either let your lover know about your sugar daddy (if he is comfortable with it) or better still, sever your sugar daddy dating the moment you enter into a romantic relationship. This will spare you a lot of apologies and broken hearts in the future.

Ultimately, you must remember that nothing lasts forever and that it is ok to pull the plug on a sugar dating affair if it doesn’t make you happy.